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​George and two others formed Ready Books, Inc. in 1992. Since he and his two partners were in the window cleaning business, it’s main purpose was to publish and sell the first, and at that time, the only book available on the best way to clean windows“Beginners Guide to Window Cleaning.�? Sales were slow and George eventually bought his partner’s stock and dissolved Ready Books, Inc. and in 2002, started G. A. Coate Publishing Company. He realized it was time to study book writing and the publishing business. Since he was still in the high-rise window cleaning business and had also expanded into the window cleaning supply business he decided to write and publish “Beginners Guide to Window Cleaning – Second Printing.�? 

In 2005 George returned to his hometown of New Orleans, LA, prior to Hurricane Katrina and once again witnessed the devastation a major storm could bring and how ill prepared most of the residences of the Gulf Coast were. The loss of life and property was tremendous and because of his expertise and experience in safety and survival, prompted him to deviate into other fields other than window cleaning.

G. A. Coate Publishing is committed to publishing small informative how-to books including window cleaning books and more. We feel a 52 page book can hold a ton of information and allow the purchaser to carry the book with them for referencing at any time. We welcome authors of any type of how-to book who would be interested in publishing their book with us at an affordable price. We will not publish any derogatory books and all manuscripts will be review by our staff and approved or disapproved. All books will be copyrighted in the authors name and given the proper ISBN identification. Royalties are negotiable.
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