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​George, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, has lived through numerous devastating hurricanes, all of which were completely different from each other, all of which totally destroyed the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Betsy and Hurricane Katrina probably did the most damage to New Orleans. He has several relatives and close friends who are past and present members of the New Orleans Fire Department and First Response Team who were on the front lines during the storms. George also owned and operated several large high-rise window cleaning companies in Las Vegas, Nevada from 1987 through 2005. 

Because of the nature of his business and the possibility of an emergency situation occurring at any time, he was required by OSHA to study and develop various escape and rescue procedures and techniques for company employees who worked inside and on the exterior of the high-rise hotels. He also attended semi-annual safety seminars and held quarterly safety meetings for his employees. His expertise includes self-rescue, buddy-rescue and topside-rescue, all of which can be used to survive any type of disaster. When he travels on business or pleasure trips, regardless of where he is staying, emergency escape equipment is always part of his luggage, even if he is staying with friends or relatives, because not everyone takes his advice. Don’t assume you are safe – just be safe by preparing by reading books on disaster preparedness.

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How to Survive Disasters

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How To Survive Disasters provides the reader with valuable information on how to prepare for a number of emergency situations and escape any size building in the event of one. The book focuses on fire, which is our number one foe, because it seems to occur after many other disasters, as was the case in San Francisco following the Great Earthquake of 1906 where the entire city almost burned to the ground, and after Hurricane Katrina, where many buildings burned unchecked. It contains descriptions and illustrations of products that are available for various emergencies and direct links to various companies. The 52-page book is small enough to be carried with you at all times, in a brief case or purse. How To Survive Disasters is the results of years of research and numerous interviews with Fire Department and Emergency Preparedness officials.

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